About Us

Our vision

As the world changes and continues to challenge the way we have always done things, as individuals we need to find new ways to adapt in order to build and maintain our own wellbeing. 

We aim to translate our work into everyday practice to ensure everyone can own their own space and contribute positively to the world around us. 

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Lanterns in a Tent

Our story

Red Shoes

Choice. It's as simple as that. 

After hearing so many people's stories, from many walks of life, it struck us how many of us just seemed to spend time coping with the day to day, rather than truly living. 

When asked are you happy, most people said, 'I am not unhappy, anyway what choice do I have?'

We simply wanted to find ways of giving people that choice. 

No matter your age, gender, sexuality, race, religion or circumstance - everyone should have the choice to thrive.

Helen and Clare


What's in a name?

Everyone asks us why Tasting Colours which is great, it always starts a conversation, so here it is. 

Tasting Colours is a form of synesthesia - when stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to the involuntary stimulation of another. Jo Malone is a synesthete, she talks openly about her synesthesia and how it led to the success of her business. 

We're not sure if this part is scientifically proven but as children we have the ability to taste colours. Sadly as we get older and start to be influenced by the world around us we turn off the pathways we don't use and our amazing abilities get dialled down - that bit is proven!

When individuals go through our programme they all talk about how they feel as if they can achieve anything - that they feel anything is possible, imagine feeling so alive you could taste colours!

Meet the Team



Helen Fisher

CEO and Founder 



Clare Armagan

Director of Programmes and Founder


Mental Health First Aid

Volunteer Management  


Karen Owen

Marketing and Communications

Meet our volunteer advisors

web shot Karl Marlowe.jpeg

Dr Karl Marlowe

Chief Medical Officer

Oxford NHS Health Foundation

Consultant Psychiatrist

Nicola Byrom Photo 2.jpg

Dr Nicola Byrom

Senior Psychology Lecturer - King's College London

Founder of Student Minds

Chair of Student Mental Health Research Network (SMaRteN)

Janine image.jpeg

Janine Chandler


CEO Jump in Puddles

Strategist and innovator in FMCG and social business


Carl Harris

Director Chartered Institute for IT

Technology, innovation and data specialist