Meet the team

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Helen Fisher

Founder, Director

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Hello, I'm Helen.

I started my professional life as a marketeer in the airlines and consumer electronics but found the pull to purpose-led action more powerful, so I ditched the suit, rolled my sleeves up and got involved with the not for profit and third sector. I never looked back. Getting up every morning and finding solutions to challenge the status quo is a gift! 

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Clare Armagan

Founder, Director

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Hi I am Clare.

My background is in social care, safeguarding and third sector but I got my love of supporting others from being a Samaritan many years ago. I have a passion for joining lived experiences with programme design to deliver effective, impactful, people led solutions. The short version - I simply love people.

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Louise Crawford


Hi I am Louise.

My love of people and how we interact with the world is cemented in my love of psychology.

After I graduated I worked in the criminal justice system to support offenders but found the need for prevention to be a greater passion. Being part of an individual's journey to being their best and seeing the impact this can have, on themselves and others around them, is a genuine pleasure.

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Karen Owen


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Hello, i'm Karen.

I left my corporate life, in marketing, to combine my passions for music and people with my purpose for creating positive change. This lead me to work and volunteer within the third sector supporting both individuals and organisations to be their best. What a joy to see others flourish everyday.


Our Advisory Board

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Dr Karl Marlowe

Chief Medical Officer

Oxford NHS Health Foundation

Consultant Psychiatrist

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Janine Chandler

CEO Jump in Puddles

Strategist and innovator in FMCG and social business


Dr Nicola Byrom

Senior Psychology Lecturer - King's College London

Founder Student Minds

Chair of SMaRteN


Carl Harris

Director Chartered Institute of IT

Technology, innovation and data specialist

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What's in a name

Everyone asks us why we are called Tasting Colours. It always starts a conversation, which is great, so here it is. 

Tasting Colours is a form of synesthesia - when stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to the involuntary stimulation of another. Jo Malone is a synesthete, she talks openly about her synesthesia and how it led to the success of her business. 

We're not sure if this part is scientifically proven but as children we have the ability to taste colours. Sadly as we get older and start to be influenced by the world around us we turn off the pathways we don't use and our amazing abilities get dialled down - that bit is proven!

When individuals and organisations work with us, they talk about how they can achieve anything - they feel anything is possible, imagine feeling so alive you could taste colours!