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Case Study - OutsideClinic

We worked with OutsideClinic to identify wellbeing/mental health need within their organisations and provide solutions to improve wellbeing:

Benefits of need based modelling for the organisation:

  1. Build preventative approach to mental health 

  2. Gap analysis for interventions

  3. Informed procurement decisions

  4. Embed measurement and evaluation

Benefits of improving wellbeing for individuals, increases in:

  1. Motivation and tools to reach individual potential 

  2. Contribution to people and place 

  3. Resilience 

  4. Confidence

And decreases in: 

  1. Overall anxiety 

  2. Workplace anxiety


Only 15% of the UK report themselves to be thriving, which can be quantified as high wellbeing on clinical scales.


Our work shows a direct correlation between wellbeing and contribution. The higher your wellbeing, the less time you spend managing the signs of emotional distress, which in turn can be re-directed into reaching personal potential and increasing contribution to the people and place around you.

After 4 years of research with King’s College London, evidenced based evaluation with Public Health England and pilots with the NHS, employers and the third sector - we are using our knowledge to analyse trends and patterns, within individuals, to profile need.  


In turn, we cluster individuals into need-based groupings to provide a set of principles for creating a common language, shared decision making, collective responsibility, proactive prevention and promotion, partnership working and clear measurement and evaluation. 

Needs based clusters:

  1. Thriving - individuals who current need is to maintain mental wellbeing through effective prevention, validation and promotion strategies

  2. Managing - individuals who need advice and signposting 

  3. Struggling - Those who need focused goals-based input

  4. Concern - Those who have not benefitted from or are unable to use help, but are of such a risk that they are still in contact with services


We distributed an online, anonymised, 15 minutes survey across the total workplace population, which achieved an an 80% take up. 

Top-line Insights - example, actual results have been changed 

Breakdown of total surveyed population by need based profile. 











All results can be split by demographic; department, age, gender, as long as annyonmity is maintained






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