About us


Wellbeing is our world

We bridge the gap between wellbeing theory and everyday practice to create a world free of preventable poor mental health  


Our mission


Our mission is to help everyone think differently about their world and their place in it


We exist to help everyone take control of their lives and see society flourish

We do this by combining science, theory and amazing people to make sure everyone knows how to benchmark, build, maintain and sustain their own wellbeing and really live life

Our impact

We are a social enterprise, which means we are committed to people and not profit


In order to achieve our mission we; 

  • Support individuals to increase wellbeing significantly and sustain the change long term to build resilience
  • Join up with mental health services: We work with third sector organisations and local authorities to ensure everyone can access the care they need
  • Support individual wellbeing in the work place: We work with organisations to deliver evidenced results and improve our workforce's wellbeing 
  • Fund research to focus on personal, practical, evidenced wellbeing solutions for everyone 
  • Collaborate with the community to ensure we get support to individuals furthest away from stability 

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      Community Interest Company Number 11634641

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