Academic research – in collaboration with Public Health England and King's College, London


Systemic change is what is required to ensure sustainable and improved wellbeing – everyone needs to play their role from Government measuring economic success through life satisfaction and not just measures of consumption, right down to individuals taking personal accountability to achieve and maintain high levels of wellbeing in order to flourish and contribute to our society.


As a social enterprise we want to play a role in changing the conversation. We have taken our learning from our work with individuals and combined it with wellbeing theory to produce operational tools to be used as mechanisms for change. We want to validate these tools and share them for others to use to hopefully speed up the herculean effort required to create the level of change needed.


We are currently working with Public Health England and King's College, London and have developed a sustainable wellbeing model and measurement framework, which is being evaluated:


 1. To be used to create mechanisms for change to improve personal mental wellbeing sustainably


 2.To develop and evaluate a measurement tool that can:


  • Be used as a diagnostic tool to enable individuals to audit their wellbeing and identify areas to work on to achieve sustainable positive mental wellbeing

  • Support triaging by mental health services, identifying individuals who may benefit
    from working on their mental wellbeing prior to or instead of engaging with mental
    health services.

  • Identify personal and organisational mental wellbeing scores to enable change to be

  • Identify trends in wellbeing to inform decision-making and policy to play a part in
    changing a system from crisis to prevention