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We work with community partners to ensure individuals, furthest from stability, can access the support needed. We do this through NHS commissioned social prescription or directly funded through the voluntary sector

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Commissioned social prescription service

We work directly with NHS primary care networks to deliver support directly to individuals and increase patient wellbeing sustainably. We focus on patient outcomes with the aim of reducing repeat visits to GP's, reducing waiting times for clinical IAPT services and bringing parity to health inequalities

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Pay forward


As part of our continued commitment to support communities, every year we identify an area in which to focus our resources. 2021 sees us creating new partners to evaluate the potential of our work in supporting female offenders

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COVID - 19 recovery 


We have worked with The National Lottery to get support to individuals who have lost income as a result of COVID-19. Unemployment has a huge effect on our wellbeing and the wellbeing of others around us. Without support individuals run the risk of never regaining their sense of purpose and wellbeing 

We are always looking for new partners, so if you find any of these areas of interest or would like to discuss any new ones, we would be thrilled to hear from you