The impact of COVID-19


Wellbeing is the difference between us coping and us thriving. 


Research shows losing income has a very unique impact on our wellbeing. Loss of income is damaging to people’s wellbeing regardless of their age, gender, level of education, ethnicity or part of the country in which they live. The longer the time unemployed, the worse the effect.

If people do not adapt, unlike the impact of many other life events, wellbeing can be permanently reduced - there is no 'normal' to go back to.


If we are to thrive as individuals, adapting means:

  • Thinking differently

  • Changing mindset and getting perspective 

  • Seeing our world and our place in it differently

We run evidenced wellbeing programmes that enable individuals to

  • Understand what's important

  • Discover personal skills and qualities 

  • Gain a clearer direction and a better sense of the next steps


These are the cornerstones to increasing self esteem, confidence and building resilience. Without these in place, individuals may find it harder to adapt to their loss of income. 

We are working with organisations and individuals to limit the impact of redundancy and ensure everyone has the best chance of thriving through these really difficult times.

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