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We work with organisations to simplify employee wellbeing ensuring it make sense in your context. No two businesses are the same so one size fits all doesn't work.

We understand the dynamic mechanisms for personal change that sit behind sustainable wellbeing so our services are designed around impact and movement not simple measurement and maintenance plans. Maintenance plans only maintain they don’t build or increase wellbeing. We build, maintain and sustain wellbeing.

What do our services do:

  1. Link wellbeing to organisational strategic challenges and understand how to solve them - this in turn builds a business case for further investment 

  2. Deliver evidenced, long term results against evaluated programmes and integrate outcomes into organisational KPIs

  3. Increase the individual psychological components required to postively impact contribution to workplace and community

  4. Be the initial interface with third sector to signpost/support transition into mental health services to ensure everyone gets access to the care they need

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Services and partners

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Friendly chat 

Where to start? Gosh, it's complicated isn't it - but it shouldn't be. 

We pride ourselves on 2 things: Being a social enterprise, with a mission to shift the world from doing to living, and our passion for wellbeing.

So, if you want a friendly chat with Helen, to help it make sense before you set your course, we would be more than happy to help

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Tailored assessment and action plan

Using clinical scales and our needs based model we:

  1. Measure and benchmark wellbeing against national averages                                               

  2. Evidence the impact of employee wellbeing on your business - productivity, resilience                       

  3. We plot individual wellbeing on a continuum, tailor what is required to positively impact employees and then track movement

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Group work

Education brings consistent understanding and is hugely important to collective accountability.

Let us share our wellbeing knowledge and theory by bringing it to life for your team and demonstrate how wellbeing applies to us as individuals, managers and employees

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Individual, peer led 1:1 work

Using our evaluated programme, we work with individuals over 6 weeks, online and 1:1, to increase wellbeing significantly. Public Health England report +8 positive movement on wellbeing scales.

Evidence shows the higher an employee's wellbeing the greater their contribution to workplace and engagement with others

Volunteer Advisors

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Dr Karl Marlowe

Chief Medical Officer

Oxford NHS Health Foundation

Consultant Psychiatrist

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Janine Chandler

CEO Jump in Puddles

Strategist and innovator in FMCG and social business


Dr Nicola Byrom

Senior Psychology Lecturer - King's College London

Founder Student Minds

Chair of SMaRteN


Carl Harris

Director Chartered Institute of IT

Technology, innovation and data specialist