How does it work?

If we are to prosper and thrive in a changing society and in an increasingly interconnected and competitive world, both our mental and material resources will be vital. Encouraging and enabling everyone to realise their potential throughout their lives will be crucial for our future prosperity and wellbeing.


How are we doing this?

We have developed a non-clinical methodology that equips adults with a strong sense of self, of purpose, the means to set their own course and ultimately increase mental capital.


What are we doing?

Our 8-week peer supported experience looks to challenge and explore the neutral or sometimes negative situational cycle of everyday life. This builds our capacity to master our life skills, both emotional and cognitive, better preparing us to face the choices and challenges of life.


We focus on:


  • Resilience - capacity to bounce back from adversity

  • Efficacy – beliefs about capabilities to produce effects

  • Hope – cognitive process which motivates us to find willpower and waypower

  • Optimism – making positive attribution about succeeding now and in the future


How does it work?

You will be working with an experienced Tasting Colours peer, to guide you through the process, which is split into 3 stages:


  • Taking stock – look at where you are now

  • Telling your story – how did you get to where you are

  • Taking control – moving towards change


What can you expect?

  • A greater sense of self – what’s important to you, your values

  • An increased sense of control – what needs to be done and awareness of your capability

  • An increased sense of wellbeing – ability to develop potential, work productively and creatively, build stronger, more positive relationships with others and contribute to society more fully


Results so far

100% of participants have seen


  • Increased sense of wellbeing, purpose in life and control

  • Improved relationships

  • Increased community conscience/contribution

  • Increased engagement at work


How can I get involved?

We are building a standard of evidence to evaluate the impact of our work to enable us to create positive social change from the ground up.


With Public Health we have co-designed a scientific evaluation framework and are looking for support from organisations and individuals to put 100 people through the process to ensure a robust data sample. The final results will be a published paper and validated data, this will enable Tasting Colours to scale with evidence.