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About us

We simply believe that knowing your purpose, having self knowledge and being open to change leads to being happier and healthier. 

We also know that these things are not simple to find on your own. 

We have spent the last five years combining our passion for people and purpose with our experience and skills to create a proven, evaluated, friendly, fun and safe programme that gives you all the things you need to be happier and healthier. 

If you would like a chat to understand more about us or the programme, simply get in touch at or if you are keen to understand more about the results and what can be achieved after the programme - click here

What to expect?

Check in

Online questions set and confidential chat to understand where you are at, outline the programme and get to know each other

6 x one to one sessions

Online or face to face, in a community setting - 6 evaluated, interactive sessions designed to have fun with a trained Tasting Colours practitioner to build what is required to become happier and healthier


Thought provoking homework to cement learnings, practice techniques, reflect and create new habits

Check out

Online question set to understand the impact of the programme and reflect on next steps to sustain improved health outcomes and better life decisions

What people say

Robert, 22

'Best thing I have ever done. I can now move forward with energy and purpose. It gives you the foundations to build a better you'

Ian, 54

'It's fun, helpful, reassuring, interesting, worthwhile and I would recommend it to everyone - even the most cynical!"

Julie, 45

'Just do it, it's an extremely fun way to get to know yourself. We all get bogged down in the roles we play and this enables you to build your world around what makes you happy'

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