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Today's the day

Think differently in 6 weeks with your personal wellbeing practitioner.

Our Public Health England evaluated wellbeing programme, is scientifically proven to work.

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Here at Tasting Colours we work with our partners and advisors to bring the science, safety and fun required to build and maintain your wellbeing

Our programme is delivered through a structured 6 week framework, brought to life by a trained practitioner. 

How it works

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A friendly, structured way to look inside yourself where you are helped to understand your values, needs and purpose and to understand your own feelings and reactions making you more self aware for the future

Rather than focusing on the negative aspects it focuses on what you are great at. It is designed to bring the best out in an individual and I would recommend it for everyone 

The programme encouraged me to look at myself in a refreshingly different way, it helped me validate who I am and what is important to me giving me the tools to continue to grown, extending my goals, living my dreams and achieving my purpose


Although you don't need numbers to tell you how you feel, you know in yourself, every average results achieve are: 

  1. + 12 points in wellbeing on clinic scales

  2. 14% increased motivation to change

  3. 15% increased in personal contribution to people and place around us

  4. 8% increase in resilience

  5. 23% decrease in self reported anxiety

'Just do it, you won't regret it!'

Emily, 32

'Amazing and would definitely recommend'

Paul, 22