Do things differently with Tasting Colours

Using our evaluated programme, we work with you to build what is required to make the changes you need to become happier and healthier.

We can't give you anymore time in your life or change your environment but what we can give you are the tools, skills, motivation and knowledge to be able to change your perspective on your everyday and help you find the direction to move forward.

Check in

Online questions set and confidential chat

6 x one to one sessions

Online or face to face, interactive sessions designed to have fun with a trained Tasting Colours practitioner


Thought provoking homework

Check out

Online question set and visual display of personal movements made

What to expect?

What people say

Robert, 22

'Best thing I have ever done. I can now move forward with energy and purpose. It gives you the foundations to build a better you'

Ian, 54

'It's fun, helpful, reassuring, interesting, worthwhile and I would recommend it to everyone - even the most cynical!"

Julie, 45

'Just do it, it's an extremely fun way to get to know yourself. We all get bogged down in the roles we play and this enables you to build your world around what makes you happy'