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We support people to increase their wellbeing significantly, using our evidenced wellbeing programme. 

Our programme creates a positive mindset shift to manage everyday stresses, find more fun in life and ultimately build resilience so that even if life changes we still flourish 

What do people get from the programme?

  • Personal toolbox to shift thinking

    Weekly activities that challenge your thinking, create clear direction and a sense of contentment and fulfilment

  • Be supported. Keep growing

    Stay motivated and on track with like minded peers

  • Clear decisions. Take control

    Discover what is important to you and your values so you can take positive action in your life

  • For the future. Build resilience

    Flourish no matter what life throws at you

The benefits

Research in collaboration with Public Health England, Swindon shows that our wellbeing programme increases wellbeing significantly, +8 points on clinical wellbeing scales, and it changes people lives

The benefits

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98% of people reported a different perspective AND said it changed the way they think about life

Evidence shows that the impact of our programme is sustained after two years


Evidence shows that if your wellbeing increases so does your contribution to the world around you, through greater engagement with people and at work

What people say

Bill, 62

I have always wanted to start my own business but never had the self belief, I now have my own business and it's a total reflection of me.

Paula, 32

Since engaging with Tasting Colours, I have completed a counselling course, lost 2 stone and lead a much happier and healthier life.

Sarah, 58

No matter how anxious I feel, I can be confident the true me will see me through the situation competently.

Steve, 24

It helped me understand my personal values and find my true north.

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