Additional Services

We understand that some people may need different or additional services to support their mental health. We are committed to ensuring everyone can access the support they need. To that end, we work hard to build and maintain our own processes and partnerships to work alongside organisations who offer greater depth or tailored support

Community interest support

Whether you enjoy running, chatting or creating we will be able to signpost or support contact with other organisations who bring together like minded people, around shared interests 

Online support

Sharing can save a life and sharing comes in all forms. Whether its from your peers or more specialist help, we can signpost and support your next steps

Mental ill health 

Sometimes we need structured support. We have internal processes, professional support networks and organisations to work along side to make sure every person is supported in the right way  

We are always looking for organisations in the third sector who we can proudly call partners. Please get in touch if you would like to support our commit to getting everyone the care they need

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