It was actually a very difficult time for me and my life has changed quite unexpectedly resulting in a lot of uncertainty and fear. Tasting Colours has allowed me, with the guidance of my peer, time to consider experiences in my life which have been formative, some have been embraced and some, significantly, had been forgotten.

Reflecting on significant moments, people and experiences have encouraged a connection with a heartfelt aspiration to live life a little more on the terms that feel right for me and under my own control.

A moment of true insight for me was to discover the values that are vital for me to live well by and understand how to apply those within a work and personal setting. I am inspired to consciously overlay them on my work and home life scenarios so that I am, with confidence, assessing choices, actions and making better decisions.

Without having gone through the process of Tasting Colours I am certain I would not have come to the above realisation. In having done so I am optimistic that at 55 I can discard some old habits that have been holding me hostage to poor relationships and career choices