Tasting Colours for organisations

Organisations play a key role in enabling wellbeing for individuals – both staff and customers but the reality is there are many who don’t know where to start let alone how to solve a challenge that is often invisible and complex.


Wellbeing and mental ill health are on a continuum, dynamic and also subjective and the current system is built for crisis and not early intervention or prevention so the services available are geared towards people who have reached a crisis point. It’s very difficult to design wellbeing strategies and services against this backdrop so there are gaps in both knowledge and measurable solutions.


We want to support organisations by combining wellbeing theory and models, staff insight and measurement and evaluation to design services around the ‘knowns’ and not get stuck in the ‘unknowns’.


We know from our research:  

  • Wellbeing can’t be moved from a negative to a positive state without support and clinical intervention isn’t always required

  • Maintaining wellbeing alone doesn’t increase wellbeing


  • Low wellbeing affects your ability to connect with people, place and job

  • Unaddressed poor mental wellbeing has a high risk of declining into poor mental ill health

  • The further an individual travels down the wellbeing continuum into poor mental ill health the greater the human and financial cost


By combining our knowledge with our client’s insight we are able to tailor a wellbeing service that builds increased sustainable wellbeing.


"It has been an absolute eye-opener for us at GSA and The Student Housing Company to pilot and trial the work of Tasting Colours in the context of Student Living and Student Wellbeing. The insights we have gleaned have been exceptional and we've been able to really explore how we can continue to understand student wellbeing better through the use of these measurement and evaluation tools and then craft tangible solutions. Lots more to be done, but such a hugely positive move forward. It is so refreshing to work with an organisation that is truly coming up with solutions and answers not just more data."

Bobbi Hartshorne – Head of External Relations and Wellbeing, Global Student Accommodation