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Research and Evaluation

Research is a key part of our day to day lives at Tasting Colours. We are committed to evaluating, evidencing our work and learning and understanding new trends. All of this underpins our approach and enables us to translate our work in everyday practice. We work with organisations to support growth in this area.

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Evaluation frameworks

Evaluating our work is hugely important to us. It demonstrates what we do works for users, commissioners and wider research and it also ensures we continuously learn. We are working with partner organisations to build a robust standard of evidence 


People and impact

People are key to what we do. Understanding changes and the impact of interventions and resources on our behaviour is important to both us and the wider mental health landscape. We commit to having a continuous plan to build on our knowledge in these areas and share it with key partners for wider societal change

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Sustainable change

We want to ensure all the change that we create is sustained. If the wider system is going to support the widening crisis we need to shift our efforts to early intervention and prevention and make sure it lasts.

Understanding the behaviour change required to manage this is an area that we continue to explore with our partners and advisors