Before embarking on Tasting Colours, I sometimes felt like I was going through the motions of life, plodding, not really in control or participating as much as I wanted to. I have a lot of demands on time with a nearly full-time job and being a single parent of two primary school aged children, with the best will in the world this does not leave much time for personal development and sometimes it can seem so onerous that you constantly put it off.

I am a spiritual person and take time for meditation and relaxation to ‘recharge’ my energy levels. I think that I do feel differently about things from a lot of people that I interact with and before Tasting Colours I felt a little disconnected and whilst I enjoy being my own I was struggling to see where I ‘fit’ in some groups of people. I have reached a stage in life where I want to put things in place to understand and start moving towards what I want to do for a living when the children are older.

The Tasting Colours experience was positive; I looked forward to the weekly sessions. My peer was easy to establish rapport with and I really enjoyed sharing my experiences, thoughts and values with her. We laughed a lot and it made me reflect on how far I had come, what I had been through and the fact I’m still here which you never do when you’re caught up in the routine of life. I would go as far to say and at times I even celebrated myself which probably for most people is a rare thing.

The summary provided by the case manager was interesting, I consider myself to be self-aware but the added value of seeing the movie trailer of my life through someone else’s eyes was so interesting and enlightening, there were some ‘penny drop’ moments. It surprised me the things she deduced and picked out from the information I had given – these were not ones I would have chosen because you sometimes need an outside perspective to get that clarity.

My next steps after the process were to adopt and stay true to my values in interactions with others and feel more comfortable doing so. I approach tricky situations with more confidence, being myself and speaking my truth without worrying about the outcome. I have created a mood board to have a centering, always there presence of what is important to me and what to base future decisions on.

It’s given me more freedom as I am no longer second guessing myself or stressing over my decisions as I know they are based on solid foundations.

I would recommend Tasting Colours as it has given me a way to reflect on what I have been through in life, how I’ve been shaped as a person as a result and the things to focus on to help me in the future. It has helped me cut through all the nonsense I was carrying around and manage some of the thoughts that were holding me back. It has given me clarity and I would say overall it has just made my mind less hectic and enabled me to see a way forward with more clarity.

One of the things I like the most is the process isn’t over, I have tools and techniques I can apply and work with to move forward in the right way for me.