Life gets busy and before you know it you are a playing many different roles – in my case: mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, boss, employee, very average runner and more to varying degrees. As you get older the more you accrue – like scout badges, sewn onto my jumper! I felt myself getting heavier with the responsibility to be good at all of them, all of the time...


Before embarking on Tasting Colours, I sometimes felt like I was going through the motions of life, plodding, not really in control or participating as much as I wanted to. I have a lot of demands on time with a nearly full-time job and being a single parent of two primary school aged children, with the best will in the world this does not leave much time for personal development and sometimes it can seem so onerous that you constantly put it off...


It was actually a very difficult time for me and my life has changed quite unexpectedly resulting in a lot of uncertainty and fear. Tasting Colours has allowed me, with the guidance of my peer, time to consider experiences in my life which have been formative, some have been embraced and some, significantly, had been forgotten...

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