The Great Student  Wellbeing Experiment

Type: Online survey

Age: 18+

Location: Anywhere

Time commitment: 

  • Survey 1: approx. 15 mins.

  • Random trial of a wellbeing intervention.

  • Survey 2: approx. 15 mins.


  • A chance to win £50 voucher for completing both surveys

  • Opportunity to join Tasting Colours as a Student Advisor to shape mental wellbeing 

Meet the researcher

I am Dr Nicola Byrom, Senior Lecturer at King's College London. I am an experimental psychologist, I founded Student Minds and I am now a Director at SMaRteN. I am interested in collaboration to understand mental wellbeing and peer support.


Social Enterprise Tasting Colours and Dr. Nicola Byrom, Senior Lecturer at King's College London, are working together to test and establish pathways to support students to develop better mental wellbeing.


Tasting Colours is committed to putting people back in control of their lives to increase personal contribution to a society that realises it’s potential and is flourishing. We do this by:


  • Supporting individuals to reach a proven increased sense of wellbeing through peer support;

  • Supporting organisations to understand what needs to be done to ensure sustainable wellbeing to enable people flourish;

  • Informing wellbeing best practice by working with research partners to evaluate and measure our interventions and develop our operational sustainable wellbeing model.


What happens next?

When you click on the button below you'll be entering the Psychology Department of King's College, London where Dr. Byrom will tell you more about the study. If you agree to take part

you will be asked different questions about your current situation and your wellbeing which takes approx. 15 mins. Then you will be randomly selected to trial 1 of 5 different wellbeing interventions. A second survey will be then sent to assess the effectiveness of the intervention. 

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