The Great Student Wellbeing Experiment

Welcome to the Great Student Wellbeing Experiment!


Thank you for helping us test the science.


You have been randomly selected to test the relevance of Purpose in improving student wellbeing.

Purpose is a big concept – a big question – ‘What are you here to do?’ so let’s boil it down.

We are here for who knows how long and during this time we do things. Some things are important and other things aren’t important. The important things bring you happiness and meaning, the unimportant things kill time.


Discovering one’s ‘purpose’ in life essentially comes down to finding those one or two things that are bigger than yourself, and bigger than those around you. It’s not about some great achievement, but merely finding a way to spend your limited amount of time well


Finding purpose takes energy and reflection.


Getting Started: 

Please take the next 3 weeks to follow these simple tasks to help find out your answers. We suggest splitting it by doing and thinking time – 30 mins a day doing the task and 30 mins a day thinking it through.


After Each Task:  

  • Find yourself a pen, notebook, time, quiet space and an open mind

  • Spend some time reflecting and take note of how it has made you feel. Would you do it again?

Please note this is simply guidance and there is no wrong way to do this      

Task 1

Remember a time when you were out with your friends/family, can you think of a time when someone said or did something that you felt so strongly about that you had to make a point?

Task 2

Can you think of a time when you have heard or seen something on TV that moves you to have a physical response – shout at the TV, sigh, walk out, turn over?

Task 3

Pick up your phone and a newspaper, flick through the headlines and make a note of all the things that interest you and why. Repeat the task 3 times across a week.

Task 4

Bring all your thinking together, are there themes, common words?

Task 5

Group the themes and explode your thinking out:

  • What are the main problems that need fixing in these areas?

  • Who is trying to fix them and how?

Thank you for taking part in the Great Student Wellbeing Experiment.


Next steps:

We will send you the second survey to enable us to look at the differences this project may have made. 

If you are interested to hear the results of the project or to learn more about Tasting Colours work please register your interest here

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