The Great Student Wellbeing Experiment

Welcome to the Great Student Wellbeing Experiment!


Thank you for helping us test the science.


You have been randomly selected to test the relevance of Telling Your Story in improving student wellbeing.

How many times have you sat down and really thought about your story? How did you get here?


If you think about any good stories, there are characters, story lines, plots, highs and lows. Our lives are no different.


Getting Started: 

Please take the next 3 weeks to follow these simple tasks to help find out your answers. We suggest splitting it by doing and thinking time – 30 mins a day doing the task and 30 mins a day thinking it through.


After Each Task:  

  • Find yourself a pen, notebook, time, quiet space and an open mind

  • Spend some time reflecting and take note of how it has made you feel. Would you do it again?

Please note this is simply guidance and there is no wrong way to do this      

Task 1
  • What things pull you out of bed – the alarm has gone off, what do you have to get up for?

  • What things push you out of bed –  the alarm hasn’t gone off, what makes you want to bounce out of bed?

  • Write a day in the life – a simple flowchart of what your average day looks like

  • Describe what you do at university and why you chose the course you are on, imagine you are explaining it to a 5 year old!

Task 2
  • Dig through some old photos and find 3 photos that stick out to you and bring back happy memories – try and find photos of you at different ages. 


                If you can’t access photos, try using songs 


  • Create yourself a timeline from primary age to where you are now and using a scale of 0-10 (10 being happiest) put scores against your ages, below is a simple example but feel free to design your own


Notice any patterns? Take the time to think about the common theme during the happiest times.

Thank you for taking part in the Great Student Wellbeing Experiment.


Next steps:

We will send you the second survey to enable us to look at the differences this project may have made. 

If you are interested to hear the results of the project or to learn more about Tasting Colours work please register your interest here

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