What's in a name?

If we had a £1 for every time someone asked us why we are called Tasting Colours we would be able to afford better coffee for everyone who comes into the office! 


Everyone asks us - which is great, it always starts a conversation, so here it is.


Tasting colours is a form of synesthesia - when stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to the involuntary stimulation of another sense; crossing of the senses. Jo Malone talks openly about her synesthesia and how it led to the success of her business. 

I am not sure if this part is scientifically true but I was always told that as children we can all taste colours. Sadly as we get older and start to be influenced by the world around us we turn off the pathways we don't use and our amazing abilities get dialled down - that bit is true! 

When individuals go through our programme they all talk about how they feel like they can achieve anything - that they are so alive that anything is possible, imagine feeling so alive you could taste colours! 


Combine all that with one of our founders Clare and her party trick of being able to predict the colour of anyone's tooth brush - Tasting Colours felt like a fitting name.

Love a story so if you have any witty ditties to share, let me know - helen@tastingcolours.com 


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