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Wellbeing - snake oil or science?

If you can't quantify something, it can't be measured. If you don't understand how it works, how can you design change? 

Using our King's College London, proven wellbeing model - we understand the elements of wellbeing and how they work together to create change - making it science. 

We bring the change to life through our evaluated Public Health England wellbeing programme, and deliver sustainable results using our evaluated, scientific measurement framework, to prove: 

  • Increased individual wellbeing change of 8 points on national wellbeing scales 

  • Increased workplace contribution - eg: constructive conversations with line managers and peers, proactively get involved with activities outside of role

  • Increased engagement with standard wellbeing solutions 

  • Increased employee resilience 

  • Happier staff 


What do we do?

Tasting Colour's Gateway Service

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Using our wellbeing model, we predict and assess the wellbeing needs for both individuals and large cohorts and recommend personalised wellbeing pathways to support people shift from coping to thriving, sustainably

What's included?

1. Quantification: Survey of the entire employee population against our proven scientific measures

2. Understanding: Segmentation of staff on our coping to thriving continuum 

3. Design change: Report recommending what is required to deliver positive change for all staff 

How much does it cost?

We know this is frustrating but it depends on the number of staff. Helen, our CEO, loves a chat so she will be more than happy if you got in touch


Tasting Colours' Wellspring and Protection Services

Using our scientifically proven programmes and safety processes, we bring wellbeing to life, by increasing wellbeing, building personalised plans and protecting people will mental ill health







What's included?

Based on your organisation's unique wellbeing landscape, we work with you to:

1. Design: create personalised employee wellbeing programmes, define success and clear KPIs

2. Deliver: run a live pilot, test operational flow, iterate, review, roll out

3. Support: design integrated processes to ensure we protect people with mental ill health, enabling everyone to access the support they need 

4. Measurement: using our frameworks and your unique strategic issues we design KPI's and measure the change accordingly

Example KPIs from pervious clients

- Average individual employee wellbeing score 

- % of staff who have moved from coping up towards thriving

- % of staff how have accessed additional services

- % of staff how have increased contribution to people and workplace


We are working with OutsideClinic, the national healthcare provider, to support employee wellbeing - results so far:

  • 80% engagement rate with wellbeing survey

  • 73% take up rate of Tasting Colours' wellbeing programme

  • 100% completion of wellbeing programme



“Our Tasting Colours' pilot programme has only just begun but early indications suggest it is already having a hugely positive impact on the wellbeing of employees, which is very encouraging, giving us real confidence that we have put the right processes in place.” - Lynda Oliver Head of HR and Wellbeing 

“I am really looking forward to next week's session as I am feeling better about life and work already. I think the 6 week programme is going to make all the difference in the world to me, I feel good and optimistic after just one session” - Programme Participant 

How much does it cost?

Eeeek, sorry it's the staff thing again! Drop Helen a note and get chatting 

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Our Advisory Board

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Dr Karl Marlowe

Chief Medical Officer

Oxford NHS Health Foundation

Consultant Psychiatrist

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Janine Chandler

CEO Jump in Puddles

Strategist and innovator in FMCG and social business


Dr Nicola Byrom

Senior Psychology Lecturer - King's College London

Founder Student Minds

Chair of SMaRteN


Carl Harris

Director Chartered Institute of IT

Technology, innovation and data specialist


We are proud to work with

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