Tasting Colours for individuals

We deliver wellbeing assessments, tools and services to enable people to rebuild and innovate from the inside out. Seeing the positives in your life, rediscovering the good in what you have, the people around you, where you live and where you work increases your resilience and gives you back the strength to flourish.

Our 6 week programme of one-to-one activities gives you the time and space to tell your story, find out what is important, remember what you are good at and teach yourself functional tools to develop the motivation required to find purpose and meaning in the everyday. It's relaxed, thought-provoking and fun.

In collaboration with Public Health England (Swindon) our services are shown to positively impact the following key areas:


The evidence from our work tells us:


  • People cannot reach an increased sense of wellbeing without support

  • After our programme wellbeing increases by an average of +9 points on a validated wellbeing scale and +2 points 6 months later

  • 100% of participants went on to achieve one or more of the following:

    • Reconnect with relationships

    • Re-engage at work

    • Finding meaning in the everyday

    • Re-train or go back into adult education

    • Officially volunteer

    • Contribute to community

Learn more from participants on our stories and alumni snapshots pages

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