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Hello - I am Mike

I am a new father and have just recently qualified in my chosen profession. All in all I am very happy with my achievements this year and thanks to Tasting Colours I am feeling happy and bright about my future.

My Story

My mental health has been very up and down. I have been on and off medication since I was about 16 years old and therapy was a never ending money pit. At least a few times a year I would just want to completely shut off from the world.


In my lowest period I completely cut my friends out of my life and turned my back on self-care. I became bogged down with video games and alcohol. I stopped caring about my passions. I did my very best to shut life out. As I got older I become better at managing these lower periods and became less self-destructive but during these times I could not operate at my full potential.

In all honesty I had given up on trying to improve my mental health and had become resigned to the fact that this might just be the way I am.


My GP referred me into Tasting Colours and I was so pleased to be offered something different to therapy or medication. 

Differences from therapy

The experience felt more human compared to a therapy session. In the past I have struggled to connect with therapists and felt the sessions were robotic. I felt I had an instant connection with Helen and she saw me as a human rather than just another mentally ill client. After my first session I looked forward to the next one whereas I used to dread my therapy sessions often not showing up for them. Although I knew there was process to what Tasting Colours does it felt seamless and more of a conversation.


It has made me more confident with who I am and why I am. I feel less stressed and anxious in new environments and feel more in control. I now see my true value and what I can bring to an organisation and personal life. In a recent job interview rather than saying what I think they wanted to hear I let them know who I truly was and what my strong and weak points were. I was confident with my ability and not afraid of rejection. Ultimately this new found confidence ended up in a job offer and a pay increase to match my efforts. I do not think I would have handled this opportunity in the same way before Tasting Colours.

Why are you motivated to sustain your change

I feel as though I understand myself better and have clear goals and purpose. Before it felt like I was wandering around in the dark hoping to stumble upon success. I know who I am and what I need from life.

I am clear minded, head strong and happier with who I am. 


Get in touch if you would like to hear more about Mike's story 

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