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Meet the team

Helen Fisher
Founder, Director, Practitioner

My background is in social business. I combined my lived experiences and love of supporting others with my passion for translating theory into everyday practice and never looked back

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Clare Armagan
Founder, Director, Practitioner, DSL

My background is in social care, safeguarding and third sector but I got my love of supporting others from being a Samaritan. I have a passion for joining up lived experiences with programme design

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Emma Greatorex Brooks
Head of Research

My background is in the commercial sector but my purpose lies in people, data and science. I retrained at Rush University to follow my passion

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Louise Crawford

My love of people and how we interact with the world is cemented in my passion for psychology. After I graduated I worked in the criminal justice system

Karen Watts

I left my life in corporate world to combine my passions of music, people and positive change.  This led me to work for purpose led organisations making a tangible difference to society

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Meet our volunteer advisory board 

Dr Karl Marlowe

I am Chief Medical Officer for the Oxford Health Trust and Consultant Psychiatrist. I have a passion for prevention and innovation


Janine Chandler

I am CEO of Jump in Puddles. I have a passion for innovation, start ups, people with energy and purpose and making a real difference to society

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Dr Nicola Byrom

I am a senior lecturer in Psychology at King's College London and I also founded Student Minds. I have a passion for peer led, preventative interventions within mental health


Carl Harris

I am a Director at The Chartered Institute for IT. My passion lies in innovation, technology and making a positive difference to society

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About us

Our passion for people and purpose, combined with our experience of translating theory and science into everyday practice, led us to create a proven, repeatable approach to changing lives.


We simply believe that knowing your purpose, having self-knowledge and being open to change leads to happier, healthier people.


We are committed to making as many people as possible reach this goal, and make a bigger contribution to society.


Everything we do is proven to achieve impactful outcomes.

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