Colorful Tables

We are a social business helping people understand how to put colour into the everyday and keep it there.

We combine people, science, research, technology and lived experiences to develop, evaluate and evidence our thinking, processes and results - making sure everyone can move from coping to thriving sustainably. 


What we do



 Increase wellbeing

 significantly, with our evidenced based programme


Collaborate with communities to ensure we get support to individuals furthest away from stability 


Work with third sector organisations and local authorities to ensure everyone can access the care they need


Work with academic partners to fund research in wellbeing and continuously evaluate our work


Support employee wellbeing with evidenced based results

What people say about us

"I have had the absolute pleasure of working closely with Helen and Clare from Tasting Colours since June 2020. They are passionate and dedicated to their mission to help everyone take control of their lives and see society flourish. Professionally they are a joy to work with as they are experts in their field but still constantly curious and open to change. Whilst they are driven to deliver the best outcomes, every interaction is full of positivity and laughter." 

Janine Chandler, CEO, Jump in Puddles


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      Community Interest Company Number 11634641

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