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Making wellbeinG
Tangible. Progressive. Quantifiable

The Tasting Colours' model is scientifically proven, with Kings College London, to understand the elements of wellbeing and how they work together to create positive change.


This enables us to assess individual wellbeing, readiness to engage with the NHS recommended 5 ways to wellbeing and establish what is required to ensure happier, healthy lives. 

We bring this to life through our evaluated Public Health England and piloted NHS programme, which is proven to increase:

  1. Individual wellbeing by 8 points on national wellbeing scales

  2. Personal contribution to the people and place around us

  3. Engagement with other wellbeing interventions, based on the 5 ways to wellbeing


What do we do?

1. Tasting Colours Gateway service- using our wellbeing model, we predict and assess the wellbeing needs for both individuals and large cohorts and recommend personalised wellbeing pathways to support people shift from coping to thriving, sustainably

2. Tasting Colours Wellspring service- using our wellbeing programme, we work directly with individuals to increase wellbeing, build personalised wellbeing plans and increase the motivation required to sustain the change 

3. Tasting Colours Protect service - using our partners and alliances we protect people with mental ill health and ensure everyone can access the support they need

How do we do it?

Our Advisory Board

web shot Karl Marlowe.jpeg

Dr Karl Marlowe

Chief Medical Officer

Oxford NHS Health Foundation

Consultant Psychiatrist


Dr Nicola Byrom

Senior Psychology Lecturer - King's College London

Founder Student Minds

Chair of SMaRteN

Janine image.jpeg

Janine Chandler

CEO Jump in Puddles

Strategist and innovator in FMCG and social business


Carl Harris

Director Chartered Institute of IT

Technology, innovation and data specialist

What people say

"Individuals are meeting the aims of improving their personal resilience and had a feeling of greater control. This improved personal resilience and wellbeing appears to translate into additional support or connection with local community. This indicates improved motivation to engage with the 5 ways to wellbeing"


Public Health England, Swindon Borough Council