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Tasting Colours is the proven catalyst for wellbeing. Without motivation to change, things will stay the same.


Tasting Colours uniquely unlocks the individual motivation and personal resources required to increase the engagement and impact of everyday wellbeing solutions.


What we do

We are a social business combining people, science, research, technology and lived experiences to develop, evaluate and evidence our thinking, processes and results - making sure everyone can move from coping to thriving sustainably.


We take standard wellbeing processes that have limited impact and create dynamic, sustainable wellbeing systems.

How we do it

We are proud to work with

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Hello, we're Helen and Clare. Everyday we commit ourselves and our social enterprise to making a difference to people's lives through wellbeing, which seems simple and it is, but wellbeing isn't! 

So, if you want a friendly chat to help it make sense before you go on your way - we would be more than happy to help. We LOVE chatting!

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What people say

"Individuals are meeting the aims of improving their personal resilience and had a feeling of greater control. This improved personal resilience and wellbeing appears to translate into additional support or connection with local community. This indicates improved motivation to engage with the 5 ways to wellbeing"


Public Health England, Swindon Borough Council