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TastingColours® has been designed for anyone who wants to move forward with energy and purpose.

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About Us

After a conversation about how complicated life can get and because of the different roles we have to play, it's easy to lose yourself, your energy and your direction, ultimately impacting your wellbeing. 

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Six weeks of fun, talking and learning and at the end you will be armed with the skills to tackle all life might throw at you!


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It's like putting glasses on and seeing not only the joy in what you have but seeing in clarity and colour where to go next...


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What an amazing program, what you managed to help me see about myself and the world around me will stick with me forever!


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It's like untangling the knotted ball of wool of life and then being able to knit again with creativity, energy and colour!


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Clinically proven

Our programme is proven to work and our results are independently evaluated

8 weeks

The programme is structured over 8 weeks, 8 one to one hourly sessions with a trained practitioner

Tailored to you

The programme is tailored to you based on an initial consultation 


Using our assessment tool your progress will be measured, shared with you and inform your personal onward plan 

Why TastingColours®?

Programme outcomes

  1. Understand wellbeing as a tangible concept and be able to quantify how you feel to measure your own progress

  2. Understand what creates change and audit your capability

  3. Learn functional tools to be able to self manage your wellbeing

  4. Understand motivation and your personal triggers and barriers

  5. Understand importance of purpose and have a clear sense of direction

  6. Understand and identify character strengths

  7. Understand importance of life balance and how to achieve it

  8. Practice self care and kindness

  9. Recognise early signs of low mood and act accordingly

  10. Identify and engage in your personal support plan

What makes us different?

Evidenced based

We work hard to make sure that everything we do is proven to work. We work with independent organisations such as Public Health and King's College London. Your progress is measured and reported at the start as well as upon completion so you can see the evidence for yourself

Lived experience design

We designed our programme based on lived experiences. Everything in the programme is used by us, as Founders and Practitioners everyday in our personal lives. We will always listen and take learnings from our experiences and the experiences of our clients to ensure our work stays relevant, useful and fun

Strength based

We build on your existing resilience, strengths, resourcefulness, abilities knowledge and capabilities to find the best ways of moving forward that fit in to your everyday - nobody has time to add more into their lives!

Practitioner led

You are partnered with a trained practitioner throughout the programme. They are your guide, your supporter, troubleshooter and safety net. They lead each session with an explanation, you'll have fun walking  through each exercise, you'll discuss and share learnings to ensure you have what you need to move forward, sustainably

8 weeks

The programme is made up of an online check in, 6 x 1 hour weekly sessions, reflective homework, online check out, a summary of your progress, your resources and of course refreshments! It has been designed to fit into your life not take it over

Community based

Meeting where and how you feel most comfortable is hugely important. We try and give everyone the opportunity to meet in their community but being a young social enterprise, this can sometimes prove tricky, so we offer online too - if we can't get to you in person, we can get to you virtually

Accessing TastingColours®


For individuals who are able to cover the full cost

Pay forward scheme

Some of our amazing clients have bought places to gift to others

Local authority

We work with local authorities who commission our services, we might be in your area

Pro bono

We hold places available, at a reduced cost, for people who are unable to cover the full cost

Being a social enterprise it is important to us that everyone should be able to access TastingColours®. The cost of the programme in full is £450 and there are a range of ways to hopefully accommodate all personal situations


Please do get in touch to chat through what is right for you

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